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1. Dac-Fansub is just Dac-Fansub no more no less
2. We are just some bored people wanting to give a little to the community
3. We ONLY release Hi10p and softsub
4. We don't care if you don't like our release, so if you don't just go somewhere else
5. If our release isn't the best today, we know that it's will be someday
6. We do not seed old torrents. But you can find it on our IRC bots
7. We are not and we NEVER will stop subbing, so just calm down and take it easy
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المحقق كونان: معجزة إكس كاليبر 0.0 :MAL تقييم l تقييم الأعضاء: 0.0
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 7.34 :MAL تقييم l تقييم الأعضاء: 0.0
Black Cat 7.62 :MAL تقييم l تقييم الأعضاء: 10.0
Battle Spirits: Heroes 6.86 :MAL تقييم l تقييم الأعضاء: 0.0
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7 January 2014
4 August 2013
15 April 2014